Palm Trees in the Snow

Sometimes I’m plagued with a yearning for foreign films. I know reading subtitles can be annoying when all you want to do is watch the action unfold. However, one summer night while perusing on Netflix I scrolled pass this new release, “Palm Trees in the Snow.” This cozy gem peeked my interest at the first scene during the funeral. I say cozy because this is the type of movie you watch on a rainy fall day with a hot cup of tea or cold wintery night with a warm cup of cocoa. Adapted from Luz Gabás novel of the same name, the film follows the lives of two people; Clarence’s journey to uncover the undiscovered past of her family and Kilian’s return to the island in which he was born. I settled under my fleece blanket expected a gritty, ugly drama about slavery in Spanish Guinea. What I didn’t expect was to be revetted by a gripping, emotional, heart-shattering romance. Kilian and Bisila’s voyage of unshakeable love had my steel-plated heart choking back tears. Awesomely performed and beautiful cinematography, Palm Trees in the Snow, is a film worth seeing.

Moral: Time and distance aren’t relationship-breaking factors if you really love someone. 

Moral: Foreign films are novels with moving pictures.

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