The first scene your begging eyes are granted with after clicking play is the movie title, “Hush” hovering over a line of trees with the soundtrack of the forest humming in the background. Instantly you sit up straight in your seat knowing something is about to go down and it’s not going to be pretty. Maddie is a young author that happens to be deaf living in a remote cabin in the hinterland. Everything’s kosher from her cooking dinner, talking to her friend, and combating a bout of writer’s block. Then night falls and out of the dark comes a murderous mask man that preys on her knowing her weak spot: she can’t hear. It’s a plot written numerous times, single female alone at home but Hush is different. Maddie didn’t cower to defeat and even though she has five senses instead of six she relied on her will to live. I’m not telling the ending, just know there will be blood.


Moral: If you’re living alone, in the woods get a dog (maybe two) instead of a cat.

Moral: Never underestimate a person’s will to live.

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