Back in November, when I first saw the trailer for Beyond I had this preconceived notion that it was going to be a retelling of an alien abduction and I made a mental note not to watch. However, upon discovering I could binge watch the show before it aired my interest was peaked. So, after a day of Christmas Eve partying I decided to unwind with a little Sci-Fi. Unwind I did not. Instantly, I got sucked into the like of Holden Matthews from the quaint pleasantness of his family in the first minute to being coaxed into interest as he rode through his small Kansas town to Twin Shadow’s To the Top in the background. Holden Matthews slipped into a coma during an altercation (I won’t go into details. No spoilers here) and twelve years later he wakes up to learn not only did he go through puberty but he came back to consciousness with some really niffy gifts. Now, Holden must figure out where his mind sought refuge while his body was confined to a hospital bed all while discovering life as a twenty-something and being chased by a man in an ugly yellow jacket that’s a size too small.


Moral: Family will always have your back.

Moral: Some people can redemn themselves if given a little time. 


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