On My Block


Sorry about the hiatus. I had a lot of irons on the fire and some got forgotten. But I’m back now. Bright side, I’ve watched a lot of movies, shows, and flicks to tell ya’ll all about.

First, let’s start with “On My Block”, a coming-of-age series about the lives of four teens as they navigate life’s complicated obstacles while trying to keep their childhood friendship intact set in the backdrop of a Los Angeles neighborhood.

Monse, Cesar, Ruben, and Jamal are all individual, well-written characters that are beautifully portrayed by highly talented actors that make you forget that you’re watching  a scripted drama and not a fly on the wall viewing a first hand-account of their lives.

This series highlights a portion of American society that is mostly unrepresented in media—the diverse, non-white component of the nation. It’s refreshing and addictive.


Moral: Friendship is just as important as family and is a sacred bond between individuals tied by memories, experiences, and love.

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