Last night was the season finale of Freeform’s mystery drama Guilt. I originally tuned in because of the Amanda Knox vibes the thirty-second previews exuded. The show centers around accused murder Grace Atwood and the slaughtering of Molly Ryan. You’ll understand my use of the word “slaughtering” after viewing the last twenty minutes of the last episode. With all the crooked, lying, devious characters it was hard for me to pinpoint the killer and that’s heavy coming from me since I can guess the plot, antagonist, and ending within the first forty-five minutes. This show had it all, a crazy stalker, a revengeful brother, a crooked cop, a dubious lawyer, a deejaying madam, a sexaholic prince, and a drug addict artist. Now, you see why I had a problem figuring out who killed molly.

MoralAfter you book your flight, pack your bags and go straight to the airport. Don’t stop anywhere. Go directly to the airport no matter what time your flight leaves. 

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