Green Room


I am not a heavy metal fan. I repeat I’m not a heavy metal fan. So, the first fifteen minutes or so I gritted my teeth bearing through the loud screaming a shrilling guitar cords. Thankfully, my earbuds endured through because what happened next set my thriller loving synapses ablaze like firecrackers on a July fourth night. A simple gig turns into the ultimate nightmare for four unlucky band members. Seeing a murder take place with no way of lying your way out, five regulars joes have to do the unexpected. Survive. Not just a normal feat when you have to go up against a neo-Nazi gang, a ravenous pit bull, and a duplicitous club owner. Expect the unexpected.

Moral: Before leaving a room, always remember to scan it for you cellphone. 

Moral 2: Duct tape. Never leave home without it. 

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